Wednesday, April 20, 2011

myyyy baaad.

Ahh, apologies, apologies. You didn't think I really forgot about this did you? Ive been really busy the past few days both at work and in the small remnant of my social life. I did happen to go shooting though! It was tons o' fun. I got me a runny babbit.

Maybe the reason I wasn't paying much attention was because I am so baffled that I actually got 2 days off in a row that i went partially comatose. I also found a neat voice recorder in my phone, So now I can take notes throughout the day on interesting things. Expect big things in the future!

Friday, April 15, 2011

More fun stuff..musings.

So, I like cars. If there's one thing I miss, it's driving like an angry teenager. Once upon a time I had an RX-7. fun little car, happened to get a video of me on the Vegas drag strip for you to enjoy. I think I might have to set myself up for mobile blogging, I had so much going through my head today but no where to write it down. Now, this is a big experiment for me, I really want to take this one seriously. Like many others I have tried to do this before, but lost focus or just stopped caring. I want to make it a point to update every day with something. I'm sure I'll have some nice posts in the future for your enjoyment, but for now I think I'm stumped.

So, for taking the time to visit and read, I'll leave you with this.
While you were all tucked away in your nice warm beds, this was what I was busy creating. are you salivating yet? That's about half of my donut bake for the morning. Maybe I'll tease you guys with a picture daily of something I made at work... I should have taken one of some coffee cakes I made today. They looked like diabetes on a tray.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Intro to me!

Hey everyone! I guess I'm all started up now. I kind of spoiled things for myself and wrote a lot of the stuff that could go into this post in my little bio-thingy. Anyways, i suppose I could elaborate on a  few things.
I am a baker for a company I will not name, I feel that I will be talking a lot of shit about them. The work itself is fun, but the management is the most epic fail thing you could ever imagine.
I guess I'll tell you about my peeps.

First, there's S.(Omitting names for the time being.) Actually, he's a pretty legit guy. he is my backup for my rare day off. he throws the load when they come in and is generally the gopher of the bakery. We go way back. We were in the same class in high school and we play vidja games together. waay back from the vanilla days of WoW, then dipping in some DotA and LoL.(keep up with the jargon, folks) now we're on a strict SC2 diet. Pretty funny, ass-ish, but oh-so-loveable.  Usually no complaints here.

C. She is our new manager. she was shipped in to replace our previous manager who was fucking AMAZING. the productivity was simply mind-boggling. I don't even know where to begin. C was working in one of our sister bakeries for about 2 years before the put her in charge of us as a manager. Holy shit, one of the meth heads off the street can do her job better than her. When our previous manager left, I intended on leaving as well, so I didn't apply for the position, but recent circumstances wont allow me to do so. fuuuuuck I wish I had taken up that job, I am very much the most qualified. I am very fast at packaging and maintaining full tables, I can also decorate cakes,  just don't have an awful lot of experience doing it. But god. normal hours are 6-2 for her. I came in to bake a few days ago at 2am, like always, and there were 2 full racks of product sitting in the back room that never got packaged...WTF?!?!!?!? There was also a note from our closer, apologizing that the place was still a little messy, it also mentioned that C was there until 7:30. SEVEN FUCKING THIRTY! thirteen and a half hours!!! When I left at 10 that previous day, there were only 5 racks left to package. WHAT THE FUCK DID SHE DO FOR NINE AND A HALF HOURS. This fucks me in several ways. I think Ill talk about this a bit more in a future post though.

A. She is an up-and-coming worker. only about 5 months into employment and she is win! good worker, sooper hot, and takes excessive smoke breaks with me. No complaints...except shes taken =(

AB. completely fail. Our cake decorator. Sure she can make a nice cake, and complete her special orders in a timely fashion, buuuttttt all the everyday shit she sucks at. refuses to look in the freezer or backstock for more than 2 seconds to find something she needs and simply determines that we are out of stock. leading me to order at least 15 cases of cupcakes over the course of a week that we don't need. slowwww shit too. I suck at cakes and I'm positive I can make more shit in a day than she can. Never any backup cake slices or cupcakes, always made on a day to day basis so we are always out for half the day.

M. closer.. don't know much about her, never see her, dont care.

Now, I'm not necessarily sexist or anything, but it seems like the 2 guys that work here are the only people who can deserve the pay. its exceedingly frustrating when there are big corporate walks almost bi-weekly, a lot of shit seems to flow down to me, and people wonder why I have anger problems.

WOOOWWW. Enough about work for now. I'm actually staying up too late writing this. I'm going to bed now. maybe I'll tell you about my awesome SC2 ownage another day. and maybe more about me other than work shit. But you, my dear readers are the recipients of my venting. shit feels good, man.